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December 28, 2010

Expression based RenderAction HtmlHelper extension (with Authorization)

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,MVC — Pete @ 11:39 am

        public static void RenderAuthorizedAction<TController>(this HtmlHelper helper, Expression<Action<TController>> action) where TController : Controller


            var routeValuesFromExpression = Microsoft.Web.Mvc.Internal.ExpressionHelper.GetRouteValuesFromExpression<TController>(action);



                helper.RenderAction(routeValuesFromExpression["Action"].ToString(), routeValuesFromExpression);



        public static bool IsAuthorized<TController>(this HtmlHelper helper, Expression<Action<TController>> action)


            var call = action.Body as MethodCallExpression;


            if (call == null) return false;


            var authorizeAttributes = call.GetAttributes<IAuthorizationFilter>();

            if (authorizeAttributes.Length == 0) return true;


            var controllerContext = helper.ViewContext.Controller.ControllerContext;

            var controllerDescriptor = new ReflectedControllerDescriptor(typeof(TController));

            var actionDescriptor = new ReflectedActionDescriptor(call.Method, call.Method.Name, controllerDescriptor);


            return authorizeAttributes.All(a => IsAuthorized(a, controllerContext, actionDescriptor));


I’m sure this is coming in MVC 3, however I needed it now and it’s fairly straightforward.  To use it, simply call from your View as:

<% Html.RenderAuthorizedAction<MyController>(a => a.MyActionMethod()); %>


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